Doeleman Logistiek, partner in warehousing and e-fulfilment solutions.
Specialised in European order processing and distribution, both B2B and B2C.

Doeleman Logistiek
Warehousing en e-fullfillment

Warehousing and E-fulfilment

Care-free outsourcing of your entire warehousing process. Retail orders, drop shipments and web orders: combined from one stock. Delivery to European (retail) chains and web platforms.

Transport en verzending

Transport and Shipping

For all your B2B and B2C parcel and pallet shipments in the Netherlands and Europe. We have our in-house car fleet for pallet and time specific deliveries in the Benelux.


Storage and Stock Management

All your products are stored and managed securely and efficiently in our modern warehouse facilities with more than 35,000 stock positions. Also if your company is only in need of storage.


Fixed point of contact and short lines

At our family business you are introduced to a dedicated team of fixed employees. Your products and customers receive personal attention and commitment. We raise the bar as high as possible and optimally provide for your logistical process.

With a fixed point of contact and short lines our communication takes place efficiently, and you instantly know exactly where you stand. Via our internet portal you can follow your entire process in detail and in real time 24/7.

Modern facilities, central location in the Randstad

Our modern warehouse facilities are at a stone’s throw from the Port of Rotterdam, at the heart of the Randstad, immediately along the important A12 and A20 motorways.

As a progressive company our modern facilities are up to date and comply with the most stringent standards in the area of sustainability and the environment. Moreover, we work with an advanced Warehouse Management System that is integrated seamlessly with your (ERP) systems.

More about us


Only 2 more months and our ultramodern warehouse is ready for use! From the highway and the new exit of the A12, the building can now be seen clearly. A lot of work is currently being done on finishing and designing.

Soon we will also start the solar park on our roof, consisting of almost 3000 solar panels. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. With this we not only supply ourselves, but also the amount of energy that can be compared with the annual consumption of around 400 households.