may 2020

our brand new warehouse is in use!

We recently celebrated this happy moment together with our client BK Cookware. This well-known pan brand will use half of the warehouse as their logistics center in Europe. With this they have established 8,000 m2 of floor space and 13,000 pallet places for the long term. We are using the other half to grow further with our European warehousing and e-fulfillment activities. We have already welcomed 2 new clients and there is still more than enough space to accommodate the growth of our existing customers. The relocation activities are currently underway and we will be up-and-running from the beginning of June in this prominent place at the main entrance of Distripark A12!
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february 2020

update warehouse Doelwijk Waddinxveen

Only 2 more months and our ultramodern warehouse is ready for use! From the highway and the new exit of the A12, the building can now be seen clearly. A lot of work is currently being done on finishing and designing.

Soon we will also start the solar park on our roof, consisting of almost 3000 solar panels. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. With this we not only supply ourselves, but also the amount of energy that can be compared with the annual consumption of around 400 households.
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november 2019

from April 2020 our 16,000 sqm warehouse ready to use

It’s going fast now! The construction of our new warehouse is going well and half of the construction is ready.
It will be ready to use in April 2020. We will use half of our new building to grow further with our European warehousing activities.
The other half is developed for our client BK Cookware. As part of the Cookware Company, they are going to settle their new European distribution center.
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June 2019

new development Doeleman Logistiek Waddinxveen

We are proud to report that after no less than a year of preparations, the building of our 2nd warehouse has started! An in-house development that must guarantee our growth in the years to come. With a total floor surface of about 16,000 m2, 2 office areas and 2 areas with the possibility of a flexible layout, the warehouse is built in a more than future-proof manner. The complete warehouse offers room to no less than 25,000 pallet positions.

The positioning will be ideal. Directly on the new main entrance of Distripark Doelwijk (part of the A12 corridor) in Waddinxveen and immediately along the new exit of the A12 motorway and close to the A20 motorway. It goes without saying that the multifunctional building also complies with all contemporary sustainability requirements. It is built even more than energy-neutral with, among other things, about 2,500 solar panels on the roof.

The building is expected to be ready for use in the course of Q1 2020!
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