Storage and Stock Management

More than 35.000 pallet and shelf positions

Storage and Stock Management

Our modern warehouse facilities offer room to no less than 35,000 stock positions. An efficient layout with both pallet and shelf positions. The (digital) stock management is supported by our extensive Warehouse Management System (WMS). As a consequence we can process all sorts of goods, including small stock positions. From designer gifts and ornamental products to high-quality toys and consumer electronics.

Because we pick all orders from one stock, both B2B and B2C, we use a minimum number of stock locations. This means that our warehouse has an optimal layout as a result of which the storage expenses are kept as low as possible.

Temporary or permanent storage

Divergent options are available for customers who only want to rely on our storage facilities. We offer competitive conditions, both in the short and in the long term. Goods can, if so required, be dropped off or picked up, but we can also provide for the unloading of sea containers. We are AEO certified and this implies that we are authorised to store goods at our customs warehouse and to provide for the dossier administration.


We provide for the entire stock management; to this end, all processes are supported by our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS). Hence, the stock management has fully been automated. Via our portal you have easy and real-time insight into your stock and relevant reports 24/7. Our warehouse has a high security level as a result of which all sorts of goods can be stored.

Stock management in short

• Efficiently set up warehouse with extensive number of pallet and shelf positions
• Both B2B and B2C orders are picked from one stock
• Also just for temporary or permanent storage need
AEO certified for the storage and processing of customs goods
• Automated stock management, access to real-time information via our portal 24/7

Apart from storage and stock management Doeleman Logistiek is, as an all-round provider of logistical services, ready for you when it comes to (inter-) national parcel and pallet transports and warehousing and e-fulfilment.

35,000 pallet and shelf positions, available temporarily or permanently